New Book Release: Fire Magic

Fire Magic, the second paranormal romance novel in the MC Dragon Shifter Warrior series, is available now from and can be read for free with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited. Start Reading!

Small Town. Big Secrets.
We don’t get many visitors in Juniper, and the locals like to keep it that way.
I’ve learned to keep my distance, too. The only thing outsiders find if they look too close is a cold and lonely grave.

Then he arrives in town like my darkest, dirtiest dream: all muscle, tattoos, and a rough accent.
They don’t make men like that around here. Hell, they don’t make men like that anymore.
When he looks at me, it’s like I’ve known him all my life.
When he says my name, it’s like he’s already made me his.

I can’t stay away, even though I know I should.
The lust between us is as elemental and all-consuming as a wildfire.
He says he wants to protect me, but I can tell he’s running from something too.
You can’t outrun the past, and no secret can stay buried forever.

I’ve learned to keep my problems close to home. It’s easier that way, because the only person you’ll ever hurt is yourself.
But he doesn’t just want my body, he wants my heart. My trust.
And I want to give in so badly, but what if the danger I’m hiding destroys us both?

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This book can be read for free with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

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