Relaunching the MC Dragon Series!

What’s better than three tattooed dragon warriors in leather riding motorcycles around the American desert and having hot freaky sex with their fated mates? SIX TATTOOED DRAGON WARRIORS IN LEATHER DOING THE SAME DAMN THING! Yes, Angel & I got the rights! We completed the series, and are releasing the books this fall!

So, is that enough exclamation points for you? LOL

We’re excited in case you can’t tell.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t speak for Angel, but I’m really excited.

What some of you might not know is that Angel & I have ghostwritten over sixty books together. Yes, really. Some books are more fun to write than others and, well, let’s just say that we loved this series! Unfortunately, the series didn’t preform well for the person who commissioned it, and so we were given the opportunity to buy the rights and finish it ourselves (which we totally did).

This summer, while Angel & I were writing our own books (she’s got a sweet RH Snow White coming out soon, and I’ve got an epic dragon series that’s…well, I’m not gonna say how many books lol but it’s a lot), we finished these. It was so much fun to complete this project that meant so much to both of us the way we envisioned it. New covers. New blurbs. And we added a multicultural element that fits the direction Angel & I are going with our own stuff, though we left the first three books the way they were. (Even the one that was partially written by a different ghostwriter — we have no idea who you are but you are AWESOME!)

We hope you guys like reading them even half as much as we loved working on them 🙂

2 thoughts on “Relaunching the MC Dragon Series!”

  1. Hi Naomi,

    I loved this series! Will there be a book 3 in this series? I would really like to find out what will happen with Luca and Elysia. I look forward to hearing what is going to happen next.


    • Hey Roslyn! First off, I am SO INCREDIBLY GLAD that you are interested in the series!!! There are actually four books in this Luqa & Elysia’s story, and I have them all written! I am going to be releasing them all this September. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to advice from other writers and released them in August, which is kind of a “dead month” for publishing, and the books just didn’t get seen. I’m hoping with all of them out at the same time, they will get some more sales. I also have more books written in the world for what comes after their epic love story, too. Thank you so much for the kind words!

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